Saturday, May 22, 2010

What is AFPounce?

AFPounce is ArtFire Pounce. Why would you want to pounce on ArtFire? Because ArtFire is HOT baby!

Visit @AFPounce's Twitter page to find the current shop of the day and share a HOT HOT item from that shop. Add the word #AFPOUNCE to pounce baby. The shop of the day is picked from recent pouncers and your ArtFire shop could be next baby!

The more I see you, the more I like you baby! :~) Simon the Thug will pounce regularly to keep the links FRESH and HOT.

Every time you retweet a HOT #aRTfire pounce, you make ArtFire HOTTER! Fire up the retweets baby! :~)

 ArtFire is HOT baby! :~) You make #AFPOUNCE HOTTER baby! :~) 100 percent LOVE ArtFire baby! We are Number ONE baby! :~)


:~) Friday May 22nd, 9 AM ArtFire Standard Time.
Celebrating 5 years of #AFPOUNCE baby!!!!! :~)

FIVE FUN years of growing ArtFire studios' exposure and links baby! :~) Whether pouncing in EASY mode and simply RTing @AFPounce's daily tweets, or gaining SuperPouncer status by regularly tweeting items from the shop of the day, #AFPOUNCE has something for everyone baby!

For its 5 year celebration, @AFPounce will surprise your ArtFire friends with random pounces baby. DM your suggestions @AFPounce and mention whether you want them to know the gift was from you baby :~) Fun surprises all around baby! :~)


This blog is not an official ArtFire blog and is not officially associated with ArtFire. For the official blog, click here. AFPounce is run by ArtFire fans passionate about this great handmade community. All opinions expressed in this blog are ours only, so if something is amiss, please email Simon the Thug personally.

If you love ArtFire as much as we do and would like to participate in helping promote ArtFire shops including yours, be sure to have a link to your studio on your Twitter page. Should you wish to #AFPOUNCE other shops but do not feel comfortable being pounced on, send a Direct Message to @AFPounce letting Simon the Thug know.